Raising awareness on issues related to ethics and integrity in sport among grassroots riders. 


What is SafeShred?

SafeShredis a two-year (2021-2022) education project, coordinated by the World Snowboard Federation in partnership with CSCF, that aims at raising awareness on issues related to ethics among the grassroots riders: they are the future of snowboarding. The topics covered are:

  • Manipulation of sports competition
  • Doping
  • Harassment/Bullying
  • Corruption
  • Whistleblowing system
  • Basic human rights

With this education project, the young riders will be able to understand the basic ethical principles and will be better equipped to act and react when facing these issues. They will also have a better understanding of their basic human rights regarding their sport career.

Why do we need SafeShred?  


Even though snowboarding has not emerged as a traditional “victim” of sport integrity issues such as match-fixing, doping, harassment or corruption as much as other exposed sports (e.g football, tennis or cricket), it does not mean that the world of snowboarding should not be prepared to tackle these issues. On the contrary, young athletes should be educated to recognise harmful situations and how to prevent them.  

Actually, some cases have already been denounced in terms of bullying (Chloe Kim, Gold medalist in the Winter Olympics 2018 recently suffered racist attacks on her social media accounts) and doping (Bryant Shuey and Nikita Avtaneed, former Universiade gold medallist). Moreover, young riders are also potential targets for match-fixers since betting operators offer to bet on snowboarding.

The WSF riders are specifically vulnerable because:

  • They are young.
  • Their social environment changes constantly, because of the frequent travels to competitions and trainings.
  • The financial situation of the federations does not allow to have strong support mechanisms for the athletes.
  • Their relatives also lack the knowledge and experience to anticipate and face the risks that can emerge from a competitive environment.
  • They are exposed to the public by the press and social media, and can therefore become the subjects of cyberbullying and other threats.
  • The business interest will strongly hit those who pursue a professional career and expose them to its dangers (corruption, manipulation, doping, etc.).

What will SafeShred achieve?


Our goal at CSCF

During the project

The national partners will have the opportunity to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary education for their grassroots riders on ethics and integrity, and specifically on sport manipulation, doping, harassment, basic human rights and whistleblowing. With this educational program, the participants will be able to play safe and clean and learn:

  • To recognise what sport manipulation, doping, and harassment are.
  • What to do if they are faced with it.
  • Who to approach if they encounter these integrity issues.
  • How to report them safely.
  • How stakeholders from other fields can help them to protect their integrity.
  • What their basic human rights are.

After the project

The educational material will remain accessible and should be used by national federations in order to raise awareness among their riders after the end of the project. It will provide knowledge for the target groups on the jurisdiction of the partners and beyond: to all licensed riders under the jurisdiction of WSF. Finally, it will help the national federations to set a higher standard of integrity in their jurisdiction.  

Beyond the project

The educational material will be made available to all WSF members, across Europe and beyond. Moreover, participating athletes will be empowered to act on these integrity issues throughout the rest of their career and they will positively impact their peers among the world of snowboarding and beyond.

How is the project delivered?

Different phases have been developed for the project methodology: 


Comprehensive research:

A combination of expert knowledge gathering and active research into the current status, priorities and gaps in the program countries.  The conclusion from this research is condensed into a Comprehensive Overview of sport integrity issues and practices within the program countries.

Tailored curriculums and workshops:

Based on the findings of the Comprehensive Research, an Educative Curriculum (Q2-Q3 2021) will be developed by experts in their various fields, in order to provide comprehensive, valid and tested material which can be passed onto the athletes. It will consist of two parts:

"SafeShred Handbook”: A guide to help federations get young riders ready to tackle ethical and integrity issues.

"E-learning Program": covers more details on each topic so that athletes and federations can use it as a reference.

Closing Conference:

A major event inviting previous participants and representatives from non-program countries (to expand and continue the project after the EU phase), and including a media event/press conference to increase the visibility of the topic

For more info contact: 



Communications & Activities

Train-the-trainers workshop

December 6th, 2021



SafeShred Workshops in Kaprun

March 29, 2022




21-04-2021 (Online)

CSCF participated in the #SafeShred #ErasmusPlus Kick-off meeting! This a unique project coordinated by the @WorldSnowboardFederation in which CSCF is a partner along with seven other European organisations: The Austrian Snowboard Association, Finish Snowboard Association, Snowboard Germany, Snowboard Italia, Snowboard team Sweden, Swiss Snowboard and Ramun Llull University. 

#SafeShred #ErasmusPlus aims at raising awareness of ethical issues among grassroots snowboard riders. With this program, the young riders will be better equipped to act and react when faced issues during their career related to manipulation of sports competition, doping, harassment/bullying, corruption, whistle-blowing system, and basic human rights.  

A warm thank you to the World Snowboard Federation and we look forward to working together with our partners to ensure the integrity of the sport.

11052021 (Online)

We successfully completed the first SafeShared Fact Finding Mission in Italy coordinated by @worldsnowfed with the cooperation of our partner FSI Snowboard Italia.  

During this session, we had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Italy’s relevant stakeholders in the sport of snowboarding and learn their views and mindsets on different sporting integrity issues that young riders in the country may face, such as sport manipulation, doping, bullying / harassment, corruption, whistleblowing systems and basic human rights. 

This first session is one of the various activities we will be participating in the SafeShred project: an educational program that aims at raising awareness on issues related to ethics among the grassroots riders and the future of snowboarding. 

Warm thanks for the contribution of the different participants in Italy! 

We believe that together we can contribute to fight sports integrity issues and create the main plan for an awareness program in those matters. 

assion #matchfixing

18052021 (Online)

We successfully completed SafeShared Erasmus Plus’ fact-finding mission in Germany! It was an exceptional time to learn more about sports integrity issues in the country. This activity is co-organized with our project partner @snowboardgermany and in coordination with @worldsnowboardfederation. 
The aim of this session is to collect information and learn the views of the key stakeholders in Germany on different sports integrity issues (sport manipulation, doping, bullying/harassment, corruption, whistleblowing systems, and basic human rights) that young riders in the country may face; this will help us to prepare the training material to create a personalized educational program and raise awareness to provide the best tools in the fight against these problems. 
Warm thanks to the participants.

20052021 (Online)

What a session in Finland! We finished SafeShared’s first fact-finding mission in Finland 🇫🇮 with our partner Finnish Snowboard Association @lumilautaliitto, a project coordinated by @worldsnowboardfederation👏🏻👏🏻 

During this session, we discussed and understood the integrity situation in the country; with this first session of the project, we aim to achieve collect information, experience, and feelings from experts and national stakeholders regarding sport integrity issues for young riders in the sport of snowboarding, also to know the statistics, legislation, and regulation regarding these issues. 

We thank the contribution of the key stakeholders, who actively participated in the session.👌🏻

27052021 (Online)

“In-depth research is a key element in how we ensure the quality of a project.” We completed the SafeShared’s Fact-Finding Mission in Switzerland 🇨🇭 with our partner @swisssnowboard , a project coordinated by @worldsnowboardfederation In this first session, we aim to collect information, experience, and feelings from experts and national stakeholders regarding sport integrity issues for young riders in the sport of snowboarding; this is the first step in advancing the fight against sports manipulations in the country. 💪🏻💪🏻 
We are grateful for the participation of the key stakeholders in this session. 👏🏻👏🏻

4-06-2021 (Online)

Austria 🇦🇹 completed the #SafeShred#ErasmusPlus Online #FactFinding Mission in cooperation with our partner Austrian Snowboard Association (ASA)  
a project coordinated by @worldsnowboardfederation💪🏻💪🏻 
This session is conducted to generate interviews with different stakeholders regarding the local situation, plans, strategies, experience and current practices about sports integrity issues such as: sports manipulations, doping, bullying/harassment, corruption, whistleblowing systems, and basic human rights that young riders in the country may face. The information gathered will be used to customize the awareness sessions in Austria. 🤓 
We thank the different stakeholders from the organization for their active participation in this session. 👏🏻👏🏻

7062021 (Online)

We finished our #SafeShred#ErasmusPlus Online Fact-Finding Missions in the different countries with the last participation of Sweden 🇸🇪 with our partner Swedish Ski Association (SSA) @snowboardteamsweden this is a project coordinated by @worldsnowboardfederation 
The knowledge and conclusions on the situation in each country partner regarding ethics and integrity issues at the grassroots level in snowboarding will be used to build the components of the training material that will be provided to young riders with a specific focus on sports manipulations, doping, bullying/harassment, corruption, whistle-blowing systems, and basic human rights 💪🏻💪🏻 
👏🏻👏🏻Warm thanks to the different stakeholders for their active participation in these activities

6122021 Planegg, Germany

SafeShred Common statement WSF – CSCF

Safer. Cleaner. Better. 

The World Snowboard Federation and the CSCF – Foundation for Sport Integrity take a step forward for the safeguarding of young snowboard riders. 

On December 6th 2021, trainers and managers come from all over Europe to Planegg Germany, to participate in an intensive training on integrity topics. These key players will be empowered with knowledge and pedagogical tools to raise awareness among the youngest generations of snowboard riders during local, regional and national events this winter.  

The topics covered during the session were: 

  • Manipulation of sports competition 
  • Doping.
  • Harassment/Bullying
  • Corruption
  • Whistleblowing system
  • Basic human rights

This activity builds on from the findings of the SafeShred project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.  

The relay baton is passed: see you on the slopes! 

A special thanks to Snowboard Germany for hosting the activity in such special conditions. 

And to the CSCF team of experts: 

  • Carlos Gutiérrez & Norbert Norbert Rubicsek – Coordinators.
  • Cassandra Fernandes – Basic human rights
  • Pim Verschuuren – Whistle blowing system
  • Ainhoa Azurmendi – Harassment & Bullying
  • Gatis Berkis – Doping
  • Lorraine Pearman – Manipulation of sports competition & Corruption

As well as to the WSF coordinators, Boris Kilvinger and Floriane Poncet. 

  • Freestyle Snowboard Italy (FSI).
  • Snowboard Germany (SG) OK
  • Finnish Snowboard Association (FSA)
  • Swiss Ski (SSKI)
  • Austrian Snowboard Association (ASA)
  • Swedish Ski Association (SSA) OK 

2022 4Q – Coming soon

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Results & Outputs

An interactive online course for young riders to acquire basic knowledge on ethics and integrity was created during the implementation of this project, being at the forefront of the development. CSCF contributed to the content of this educational material.  

The fun, interactive e-learning course covers some important topics about sports integrity issues, namely: 

(1) Basic Human Rights, 
(2) Reporting and Speaking up, 
(3) Harassment/Bullying, 
(4) Anti-Doping, and 
(5) The Manipulation of Sports Competitions 

This tool can be accessed directly on the E-learning course at the WSF Academy.

What our partners say about us


The World Snowboard Federation is very happy to be a part of this project (SafeShred). And I think it is very important because it gives the tools, especially for the youth, on how to act in different situations involving sport integrity. It has a big impact on them

It is a good thing for our young riders become more aware about these topics that are so important when  it comes to sexual harassment and bullying, that could absolutely be occurring in our sport. If we start in the younger age now, we will probably do ourselves a favor for the future.

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