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The Integriball Erasmus + Project takes on a unique perspective, developing and disseminating a multidisciplinary, comprehensive education programme on protecting grassroots (U16-18) and women football players from sports manipulations. 
The project rolls out in Belgium, Cyprus,Czech Republic, Greece and Malta in 2020 – 2021. The CSCF experts and partners will produce guidelines for the athletes, coaches and administration of the federations so that they know how to recognize, fight and talk to the right people about the issues they encounter. 
While similar programs for male professional footballers exist, women and young footballers have received much less attention in this matter. Nonetheless, they are exposed to the same risks, and are, perhaps, even more vulnerable. This is what our project aims to counteract by: using international experts’ knowledge to develop a curriculum (with knowledge not previously available to the countries individually; testing the material with the help of pilot clubs from our partner countries; and training local trainers to disseminate the information to athletes, using resources most effectively and maximizing the project’s reach. 


Where is the project taking place?

  • Greece - Hellenic Football Federation (HFF)
  • Cyprus - Pancyprian Footballers Association (PASP)
  • Czech republic - The Czech Republic Football Association (FACR)
  • Malta - Malta Football Association (MFA)
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland - The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS)
  • Belgium - Royal Belgium Football Association (RBFA)

How is the project delivered?

1. Preparation phase

Comprehensive Research of multiple disciplines, experience from various countries, prior knowledge, risk and exposure.

2. Implementation phase

Curriculum Development by International experts working together with local representative of all of our partners. The curriculum is developed based on their personal expertise of the fields and research outcomes.

Trainers’ Guide: a broad guide to be used by people delivering the local trainings. Athletes’ Guide: a shorter guide focusing on the athletes receiving the training.

Pilot Testing: Field testing of the curriculum in various, pilot partner clubs across Europe.

Adjustment, Tailoring and Translation: Based on the experience gathered during the pilot tests, the curriculum is adjusted to its final form, along with the planned customizations, and it gets translated to the local languages of the participating countries.

Train the Trainer sessions: In each partner country, training a set of future trainers who would educate local athletes.

Local training sessions: carried out by local trainers from the TtT sessions above.

3. Monitoring – parallel with the Implementation phase: “Local training sessions”

Partner organizations coordinate local trainings.

Central monitoring of local training experiences (before-after, success, suggestions).

Central support and forum for local trainers.

4. Evaluation

We are repeating a sample of the research studies to see before-after results on a project level.

Results and learning points from the central monitoring of training activities, success and feedback are used for evaluation (running parallel with local trainings).

We are collecting feedback from trainers about the Train-the-Trainer sessions.

The closing conference allows open discussion about the successes and potential improvement options from all partners and external stakeholders

5. Dissemination

Closing conference: to evaluate and openly discuss the results and achievements of the project.

Distribution of training materials to further countries not involved in the current project.

Virtual platform (Central knowledge base and discussion forum)


Communications & Activities

Official launch of the Integriball ERASMUS+ Project

Integriball Erasmus Plus – keep sport clean for youth and female footballers

Closing Integriball Project


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Results & Outputs

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What our partners say about us


It is a great pleasure and honor as a football coach and passionate about my sport, to talk to young players about preventing sports manipulations (#matchfixing)

Cassandra Fernandes



Integriball was really good presentation and I learned a lot about sports manipulations and how to protect myself

Þordís Hrönn Sigfúsdóttir


Apollon Ladies

Integriball – Train the Trainers – was an incredibly professional session that will increase our level of presentation. Every detail and all the steps we saw today will raise our standad as PDM’s and wll make our lives easier with the presentations in the future.

Spyros Neofytides


FIFPro Division Europe

I would like to know more about sport manipulation te be able to protect myself and my players

Fixing matches is not ruining only careers and lives of the involved persons, but ruining the football itself.

Jiri Hendrich



Be aware that when you take your first euro for manipulating a game, your career is not in your hands anymore.

Thibault de Gendt



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