Integriball 2.0

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Integriball 2.0 represents a significant step forward in the realm of football education, particularly focusing on the development and empowerment of youth and women within the sport. Building upon the achievements of the Integrisport Erasmus+ project, this initiative spearheaded by the CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity aims to address critical issues surrounding sports integrity. By targeting key areas such as the prevention of match-fixing, ensuring player safety through comprehensive safeguarding education, and advocating for the importance of whistleblowing, Integriball 2.0 seeks to create a more ethically sound and secure environment for football participation.

At its core, Integriball 2.0 aims to disseminate crucial knowledge and resources widely, ensuring accessibility for both youth and female players. Through comprehensive education and empowerment initiatives, the project endeavors to instill values of integrity and inclusivity within the sporting community. By fostering a culture that prioritizes ethical conduct and inclusiveness, Integriball 2.0 strives to create a lasting impact, shaping a future generation of football players who embody integrity both on and off the field. The targeted countries for implementation include Estonia, Georgia, and Romania, among others, ensuring a broad reach and impact across diverse footballing communities.

Disclaimer: The project is funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or EACEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

Implementation Map and Local Partners

Country partners:  

  • Estonia - Eesti Jalgpalli LIIT
  • Georgia - Georgian Football Federation
  • Romania - Federatia Romana de Fotbal


  • The Netherlands - CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity

Partner organizations:  

  • Switzerland - United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS)
  • France - Berkeley Global Society (BGS)

Supporting Partner:

  • The Netherlands- Internationale des Footballeurs Professionnelles, Division Europe (FIFPro)

How is the project delivered?

1. Preparation phase

Comprehensive Research of multiple disciplines, experience from various countries, prior knowledge, risk and exposure.

2. Implementation phase

Curriculum Development by International experts working together with local representative of all of our partners. The curriculum is developed based on their personal expertise of the fields and research outcomes.

Train the Trainer sessions: In each partner country, training a set of future trainers who would educate local athletes.

Local training sessions: carried out by local trainers from the TtT sessions above.

5. Dissemination

Closing conference: to evaluate and openly discuss the results and achievements of the project.

Distribution of training materials to further countries not involved in the current project.

Virtual platform (Central knowledge base and discussion forum)

Activities & Communications

Results & outputs

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Partners Organisations

Partners Organisations

Supporting Partner

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